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"I feel like I know it, but it’s not there for me on test day…"
How frustrating can it be to spend hours in lecture, and hours reading textbook chapters, only to feel like you still have no idea how to do the homework problems?
Ever wondered why it happens this way?
Or have we all just assumed this type of struggle is just “part of the process” for those unfortunate souls with a degree program that requires math, science, or engineering courses?
Ahhhh, what the life of a business major must be like…
But could it be that maybe we just have the wrong approach? That no one actually showed us how to learn in technical courses...
Hi, I'm Tom, and here at WTF Professor, I'll show you study techniques that actually work.
For example, the Reverse Learning Technique: breaking down actual solved problems in a way that leaves you with a deep understanding of exactly how to APPLY what you’ve learned to real-life this-is-for-a-grade type problems.
Our default mode is often to jump directly from lecture to homework problems. You scribble down the last of the notes for the day, head back to your dorm room, get something to eat, and promptly log in to WebAssign and start knocking off problems.
By doing this though, we miss a crucial step in the process – understanding the “how” and the “why” behind each problem solving method, assumption, and equation we’re using in the process.
Instead, before getting too far into plowing through your homework, spend the time to dissect and understand practice problems that have already been solved.
This is what I call Reverse Learning - starting with the solution, and working backwards to “reverse engineer” how the person solving the problem got there.
By doing this you’ll unlock insights along the lines of…
“Ohhhh, that’s why we do that here.”
“Okay, so because of X assumption, they’re using Y equation, which makes solving for Z variable super easy…”
Which are essential for building a deep toolbox of problem solving abilities that is a must for handling the inevitable curveballs that will be thrown your way on your exams.
So, stop banging your head against the wall. We all know where more textbook reading, Youtube videos, and notes review will lead us...
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