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If you don't know what you're doing, solving rotational motion and torque problems for your physics class can get ugly. Here's the scenario: You're finally starting to get comfortable with the idea of velocities, acceleration, force, and momentum. You can do this in both X and Y: projectiles, blocks sliding down slopes, ropes and pulleys… Continue Reading

Finding the area under a curve is a basic Calc 1 concept, but finding the area between two curves is a bit more difficult. In today's video, I go through a problem breakdown from a Calc 1 exam where we're asked to find the area between two curves. Here's how to do it, step by… Continue Reading


What's the hardest engineering class? It's a long-standing debate, but personally, fluid mechanics is what killed me. Download a free PDF copy of this post to take with you We all have that one class that we regret. That whenever we think about it we get a weird gross feeling in the pit of our… Continue Reading

So you just finished a huge marathon session yesterday. You're pretty tired, but got all caught up on your backlog of coursework. Now what do you do? In the last video we talked about how to catch back up on a backlog of coursework by using a blitz day, but we really didn't cover the second half of… Continue Reading

Approximation methods can be tricky. In this video, I go through the method behind Riemann sum problems using an actual exam solution (a right-hand sum). Finding the area under the curve is something that we talked about all the time in Calculus 1 but when we're finding that area, why do we actually do it… Continue Reading

Why do all related rates problems involve cones filled with water or ladders sliding down buildings? In this video, I break one down from a Calc 1 exam solution using the Reverse Learning Technique. Download the full Related Rates problem breakdown and transcript A conical paper cup 3 inches across the top and 4 inches… Continue Reading

Picture this... Each semester starts out AWESOME, and you're pumped because you get to work with clean slate, but somehow you always end up falling behind and never really manage to catch back up. Well turns out that's EXHAUSTING, so this time you want to make some changes. You finally decide to get your shit… Continue Reading

Physics tension problems can get extremely confusing if your method isn't rock solid (especially when you're a little sleep deprived). And if you've ever been in a similar situation to this physicsforums commenter... Then you already know what I'm talking about. So below I'll go through a solution to a tension/Newton's Laws problem pulled from… Continue Reading


You know that feeling you get when someone, off-hand, informs you about something you've been doing wrong for YEARS? Yea my buddy (and fellow learning addict) Kalid Azad is great at that. Click here to download the free "How to Study" Hangout PDF Quick Reference Guide you can take with you "Oh, you know if you… Continue Reading


**WARNING: THIS POST IS MASSIVE - PREPARE YOURSELF** This is the guide I wished I'd had the summer after my Freshman year, because the best thing about summer break is also the worst thing about summer break: forgetting about classes! Click here to download the free PDF version you can take with you Every semester, we… Continue Reading