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Have you ever had that moment, sitting in lecture, furiously copying the professor’s notes (and there are 6 massive chalkboard’s worth so you better hurry the F up), where you suddenly ask yourself:

What the hell is this old dude talking about?

Hi, I’m Tom, and I created WTF Professor for just that reason.


Do you ever feel like…

  • you understand everything in the book or lecture, but spend hours on problem sets, and struggle with exam problems?
  • college professors can’t teach and never fully explain anything – you basically have to teach yourself?
  • your textbooks are useless, expensive, desk-weights, that just end up collecting dust on the shelf; and you’re constantly searching for better material to learn from?
  • technical courses are just hard… period?

Well WTF Professor is here to cut the B.S. – to help college students navigate boring lectures, fly through seemingly endless homework problems, and learn to dominate the very same exams once thought to be impossibly random.

All so that we can learn what we need to, get the grade, and get on with our lives.

I’m here to break down concepts, solve problems, and show you how to learn in technical college courses.

Show me how to crush my next exam!

How it all works

I’ll be giving you:

  1. Tools to get the job done: learning strategies that the best students use, the exact step-by-step problem-solving tactics I use with my students (like my Problem-Solving Guide), and the most useful independent learning resources
  2. Case studies: highly relevant examples of how to break down, learn, and prepare yourself for the exam, in the most common courses for technical majors and engineers (calculus, physics, statics, programming, etc.)
  3. Insights into the student mindset: how to get out of your own head, get motivated, and start learning this shit now, regardless of how terrible your professor is

All useful, all without meaningless technical jargon, and all free – so that you can get in, get the work done, and go about your Friday night shenanigans (or even Thursday if that’s how you roll).

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About Tom


Me as a freshman at Maryland – just starting to figure it all out. I did have friends, I promise…

My name is Tom Miller, and I’m an engineer, math and physics tutor, and independent learning fanboy.

In high school, I was a generally dis-interested, mediocre student, mostly just biding my time until I would never have to think about Trig Functions ever again.

But after I started college, I began to stumble my way into success. And in 2010, I graduated from UMD’s Clark School of Engineering, Cum Laude with Departmental Honors in Mechanical Engineering, while double-majoring, working at internships, and doing undergraduate research.

Since then, I’ve spent the past 4 years obsessing over making learning and technical work more effective – refining my process both in industry, and with my tutoring clients. And now I’m here to share that obsession with you.

I’m thoroughly convinced: college does not need to be as hard as we think. Let’s cut the B.S. and get to work.

I’m ready to learn how to study – sign me up!