“I’m tired of going to every class, doing all the problem sets, and studying my ass off, with still nothing to show for it.”

Learn how top math, science, and engineering students ace their exams, get the most out of their courses, and actually retain new material, without the stress, frustration, and long hours we’re all accustomed to.
Huan N. – Electrical Engineering
My summer courses went well, in no small part thanks to your material… bringing my exam grades from a C- (71%, exam 1) to an A (93%, final).
Jorrell S. – Engineering
Instead of being overwhelmed by the large amounts of workload (which the stress from that killed me in the first month). I was able to shoot down every single topic taught rapidly because I had the weapons to do it… Study Hero saved my butt.
We’ve all had that moment – maybe it’s Freshman Physics, maybe it’s Chemistry, or maybe it’s your first Calculus exam Sophomore year – where you think you’re doing everything right.

Going to class.

Copying down all the notes.

Doing all the homework and problem sets.

But for whatever reason you hit a wall, and just can’t seem to understand everything as well as the guy sitting next to you in discussion. And your first exam grade ranges somewhere between “hmm…” and “OHHH SHIT.”

Somehow all of that studying doesn’t pay off, and you get more and more frustrated, more and more behind as the semester rolls on.

It feels like a crapshoot, whether your effort will pay off or not.

The difference between a 95 and a 65 seems like a complete mystery.

“Come test day it’s like I’ve never [seen] the material before”
“I do all the problems I can yet I find myself stumped on every exam”