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Now it's December and that usually only means one thing: CRUNCH TIME! We all know that finals is the time of year that you need to focus the most. The large majority of your grade is about to be determined by a couple of exams that span a few hours at the end of the [...]

All of those problem sets that you get for class - the ones that take FOREVER to finish - how do we get them done more quickly? In this video I talk about how to do homework FAST. Click here to download the free "Do Homework FAST" PDF Quick Reference Guide you can take with you Ashley [...]

Does talking about gravity, orbits, and planets make your brain want to explode!?? In this video I break down a Physics 1 exam problem that covers gravitational potential energy, orbits, escape velocity, and all the relationships between them that you'll need to know. A space station of mass 400,000 kg, orbits the earth at a [...]

Staying focused and productive throughout the entire day is something we'd all kill to do as students, but it's often the ONE thing that's most difficult for us to do. Want to know how to do it, and why willpower is the key to staying focused while studying? We'll cover that in this video. Click [...]


Just stop. Enough. What you need isn't a better notebook, or computer, or productivity app. What you need isn't a better note-taking system, or more tips and tricks to save time reading, or a way to learn something perfectly the first time around so that you never have to think about it again. You don't [...]

The nice, clean, quiet study environment: myth or just good motherly advice? In today's video I answer a question about whether there's actually such a thing as a "best" study location, or whether you're just as well off on the couch - and I go through 4 different ways to think about it. Click here [...]

You know those problems where you talk about figure skaters holding hands spinning on an ice rink and all of a sudden separate and you're asked to calculate velocities and all this junk? These, and other ridiculous scenarios set the stage for most physics momentum problems, and in this video I go through an example [...]


Download a free PDF copy of this post to take with you If you've ever come across a circuit with a resistor, capacitor, and inductor in series with some sort of complex switching mechanism in between them, and then are asked to graph the voltage or current over time, you'll know what I'm talking about [...]

Let me know if this sounds familiar... You're sitting there, and the professor is scribbling non-stop on the board. Symbols, diagrams, equations; you really have no clue what it means right now but you're copying it down profusely because you know that probably sometime down the road you're going to need it later for homework [...]

In this video I do a chemistry problem where we go through the relationship between molarity, moles and molecular mass solving a molarity problem that I've pulled from a general chemistry midterm exam. On the surface it seems like a very straightforward problem. There's not a lot of work involved here, but moles, solutions, atomic [...]